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Hanging decorations during winter is a tradition older than the idea of Christmas. This tradition dates back to Roman times and is said to have originated in the 5th century BC. As time passed, traditions changed, but it was not until the industrial revolution that Christmas decorations became what they are today, starting with the Christmas tree. Nowadays, there are so many shapes and sizes of Christmas decorations that it can be hard to know where to start. 

You can choose everything from groovy tinselribbons and bows to Christmas hanging decorations that add some sparkle to any room. You might even like some creative floristry and picks, eye-catching Christmas tree topperstrendy hanging decorations, and many more festive finds to show off your holiday spirit. Hanging decorations can add a little something extra to your display or keep it simple by only adding subtle hints of Christmas. Either way, they are stunning decorations that will add sparkle and glamour to your Christmas collection.  Christmas tree decorations do not have to be used just on the Christmas tree. Mix and match colours and shapes to create your perfect look and theme. 

If you are unsure how to decorate your Christmas tree, we recommend trying one of our themes to provide you with all the decorations you need. If you would like a traditional Christmas look, our Santa Suit theme is a fantastic option, or if you want something bright and colourful, our Circus theme is the perfect pick.

If Christmas tree decorations are just not your thing, have a look at our other Christmas decoration pages for more ideas, inspiration, and products. For different decorating ideas, check out our blogs on Christmas decorating ideas using florals and floristry and  All you need to know about Christmas Trees & how to choose the right one.

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